Schwinn Bike Trailers For Kids

Established in 1895, Schwinn has long been known for producing quality bicycle products, ranging from the unforgettable Phantom to some of the first children friendly bicycles. That legacy hasn’t changed in 120 years, and today Schwinn products are still the top of the line.
If you’re looking for a fun way to enjoy the outdoors with your young family, a Schwinn baby bike trailer is the way to go. These top quality trailers come in several different models, allowing you to choose the features that best fit your price point. Whether you just have one child or choose to opt for a double, there’s sure to be something from Schwinn that will make it easier than every to make memories outdoors.

Schwinn Trailblazer Single Trailer

It’s never too early to start exposing your baby to the adventures of the outside world, which is why the Schwinn Trailblazer trailer is such a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy. Now, bike rides don’t have to exclude anyone, because your littlest one can ride in comfort in the seat of this comfy trailer. The cozy padded interior is the perfect fit for kids up to 40 pounds, and an additional storage pocket behind the back can fit another 12 pounds of gear. The unique collapsible folding frame makes for compact storage that stays tidy, meaning the Trailblazer is a great fit for taking along on family vacations. The included Schwinn Universal Coupler makes it simple to attach the stroller to any model of bicycle, meaning you won’t need to about getting trapped without a proper hook up. For the budget conscious, the Trailblazer is a great option.

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Schwinn Joyrider Double Bicycle Trailer

For families that are a little too big for standard models, the Schwinn Joyrider Double is the bicycle trailer you can start to depend on. Featuring twice the sitting space, this comfy trailer can easily fit two children up to forty pounds each, with plenty of room for storing gear behind them. Despite the weight on your bicycle, you’ll find that the Joyrider Double is simple to push around, thanks to its performance enhancing tires and ergonomic design. Easily fold-able into any car trunk, you won’t have to be inconvenienced on vacation when the time comes to take a bike ride. Best of all, the Joyrider is simple to attach to any bicycle, making it simple to get ready to go in only a matter of seconds. With the Joyrider Double, your loved ones will appreciate that the fun doesn’t end just because the family gets bigger.

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Schwinn Echo Double Trailer

When it comes to the safety of your children, why settle for anything less than the best? The Schwinn Echo Double trailer is top of the line quality at a shockingly low price. For less than $200, this stroller provides exactly what you need without forcing you to pay for what you don’t. With plenty of room for two forty pound children, this trailer also contains room for your gear and a removable weather fly that keeps rain and scorching heat away from your babies. The bright yellow color and included flag are sure to attract attention from nearby drivers, and the helmet mesh and shoulder pads ensure your child stays safe no matter what happens on the road. Because it comes with a universal trailer coupler, you won’t need to worry about having any problems attaching this trailer to whatever bike you have available.

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