Thule Bike Trailers And Strollers

Are you looking for a way to get the whole family outside and active? If you have little ones that are more comfortable in a stroller than on their feet, you need to look into buying a multipurpose stroller. Going by the name bike trailers, exercise strollers and coasters, these well engineered devices make it safe and easy to take your baby on all your adventures, no matter what you choose to do.

How do you decide which type of multipurpose stroller to get? If you’re an avid biker, getting a bike trailer makes sense. These super safe strollers come with comfy seats for up to two kids and usually provide plenty of space for extra gear as well. There are a wide range of price points available for purchasing a stroller, and each brand and model will come with different features that might fit your needs. When looking at strollers, make sure to pay attention to the number of kids that each one can hold, the weatherproofing and ventilation capabilities, and the different uses that the stroller can be put to.

Top 5 Thule Baby Bike Trailers

Thule is a leading stroller brand on the market today and offers numerous high end bike trailers with plenty of extra features. Below you can read about five top strollers from Thule in order to figure out which model makes sense for you.

Thule Coaster XT

Let your little ones ride in style in the all new Coaster XT by Thule. Your outdoor adventures will never seem tame again once you take the whole family on a trip with this Thule coaster. This innovative stroller/coaster combo can be easily attached to a bike to take on the trail, and then switched up to an easy push stroller once you arrive where you want to go. No longer will you need to worry about lugging an additional stroller with you on the trail, or even fear someone stealing the coaster when you walk away. Now, everything can come with you no matter where you go and your children will enjoy the trip no matter how they get pushed along.

– Easy bike attachment through the patented ezHitch that leaves you without worry
– Simple storage on board for the strolling wheel when not in use
– Plenty of storage space for all your gear
– Height adjustable to create a comfy fit for any parent
– Easy fold technology makes for space efficient storage

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Thule Cadence

If you’re looking for a stripped down bicycle trailer to keep your kids safe on the road, the Thule Cadence trailer is the device you’ve been looking for. Perfectly equipped to handle two children, you’ll be left without worries as you pedal them down the trail. This easy to use trailer works great for short rides around town or miles on the road, and the climate controlled sitting area keeps everyone comfortable, no matter the weather. When you’re done for the day, the easy fold away storage makes its simple to store the Cadence out of sight until the start of your next adventure.

– Easy to seat two small children comfortably
– Thule bike trailer kit pull arm is included with purchase
– Simple to secure the trailer to a bike through the patented ezHitch from Thule
– Plenty of storage space for any extra gear you take along
– Included rain cover rolls down to keep your kids comfortable

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Thule Chariot Cougar

Having a child never needs to mean your active lifestyle needs to end. With the Thule Chariot, it doesn’t have to. This incredible stroller is ideal for long walks with a single child. The light and sturdy aluminum operates just like a roll cage in order to keep your little one safe, and the strong and subtle suspension system absorbs every bump along the road.

And extra large cockpit space gives your kids room to stretch and look around, while a five point safety harness keeps them safe and secure. The vented windows are tinted to soften harsh sunlight, and the included sunshade and rain cover are sure to keep your kid comfortable in all weather. A parking break, height adjustable handlebar and ezFold design are just some of the perks parents will enjoy with this well designed stroller.

– Adjustable suspension promises a smooth ride
– Height adjustable handlebars keep parents of all sizes comfortable
– Partial window venting keeps the interior temperature under control
– Plenty of interior safety features to prevent any injuries

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Thule Cheetah

Run, walk and hike with your child with ease with the lightest stroller that Thule creates, making it the perfect option for family’s always on the move. If you find yourself packing up your stroller in the car most weekends, the Cheetah will wow you with it’s ease of packability through the Click’n Store stow kit. Two eight inch wheels and a 360 degree turning radius ensure this stroller is ready for whatever challenge you throw at it, even navigating crowded sidewalks.

For more options, you can change out the included wheels for specialty options suited for specific activities (sold separately). Safety is a priority with the aluminum-built body and included safety harness. As fun for parents as it is for kids, this multi-use stroller can’t be beat.

– Lightweight (30 pounds) design makes this stroller easy for anyone to push
– Slim, aerodynamic design is useful for multiple sports
– Height adjustable handlebars keeps parents comfortable
– Included accessory cross bar great for storing gear

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Thule Chariot CX

Do you take your runs seriously? Let your baby aid your workout by taking them along in the Thule Chariot CX1. This easy push stroller is the premium offering from Thule and it has every feature you can anticipate. Perfectly suited for being outside in all weather, the Chariot CX contains a disc hand brake system that allows for smooth, controlled stops, no matter what terrain you’re on/ The ergonomic handlebars are entirely adjustable and offer five different hand positions, depending on your activity. Best of all, the safety features for your child can’t be matches, as the five point interior harness system is sure to keep your kids safe no matter what happens. The included tinted windows are totally vented, allowing good air flow and temperature control even on the hottest days. When you’re done seeing the sights, this stroller is easy to pack up and store away in your garage.

– Aerodynamic design is well suited for various outdoor activities.
– Five position handlebars make it excellent for jogging
– Disc breaking system makes stopping on steep hills easier than ever
– Full side window venting keeps the temperature comfy in all weather

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